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October 30, 2022
Volunteers working in Juncŕs and Ribalera

If you are a volunteer you can do sport, service, nature, joy, peace, ...

April 11, 2022
Volunteers on the Andorra Trail

Come on the second Saturday of each month to help maintain the road

January 20, 2022
Volunteers in the ''Camí d'Andorra''

A very cold day to place panels 3 and 4 of the Andorra Trail

December 2, 2021
   Caminadas - Ruta 6VoluntarisCelebracions
''Rosa del Nord'' Night Race
We run at night, without refreshments and in adverse weather conditions

July 21, 2021
Pere Ramoneda Bach, Peret de Cal Guillot, from Coll de Nargó, has died

A friend and effective collaborator of the Andorra Trail

July 12, 2021
Volunteers on the Andorra Trail

There is less left to have the way fully signposted with signs and panels

March 1, 2021
Volunteers in the Corb and Canes area
Vertical signage from the Peramola Bridge to La Ribalera, passing by Pallerols de Rialb

October 19, 2020
Volunteers working on the Andorra Trail
Become a volunteer too

April 1, 2020
Joan Gallostra Pedemonte has died
On the morning of March 28, Joan Gallostra Pedemonte has died

February 8, 2020
Volunteers on the Andorra Trail, February 2020
Great contribution from the Pallerols volunteer group

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