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From Madrid to the passage of the Pyrenees      
The expectations we had have been more than met    

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Going down to the river of Civís      

From the Codec club in Madrid, they send us the chronicle of the days spent in Pallerols from August 26 to 31, 2020.


They have asked us, but it is difficult to write a summary about an experience like the one lived during these days in the Pyrenees; if it already was for those who did it at the time with Saint Josemaría, in conditions quite worse than ours,  what are we going to count a group of 10 young people from 3rd and 4th grade, with 4 older ones to support them.


What has been very clear to us, and all the attendees underline it (Tomás, Mike, Lucas, Diego, Javi, Nico, Pedro, Jorge, Luis, Manu, Pablo, Iñaki, Alfonso and Fr. Manuel) is that to understand a little of what happened in 1937, you have to be here; live it a bit (it will never be the same): see the places, climb the mountains, celebrate Mass in the same places, fall on the slopes, get pricked by brambles ... Thus, you place yourself much better, at least that has happened to us despite to read the books or watch the videos that try to explain it, before coming.


We were very surprised by the House of the Corb, hidden from prying eyes, but very strategically located. During various stages of the tour, we read written testimonials in which they explained the experience of each place, and that helped us more to get on stage. We live a great example in the emotional Mass of the Ribalera, accompanied by the songs of the birds and a unique natural altarpiece.


Certainly we tried to follow the whole redesigned route, but as it was quite hot, we went directly down to the Oliana Reservoir to cool off, as the climb to the Aubenç mountain would seem expensive.


The second day we left from the Masies de Nargó, to climb the two mountains (Comalavall and Santa Fe), passing through Fenollet. Right now there are more buildings, and the sheds and stables have been converted into rural houses, but several of the episodes of nervousness and tension are perfectly understood, both when climbing the slopes, as when approaching the towns.


On the third day we took the opportunity to celebrate Mass in the "Cabaña de San Rafael"; although it is a reconstruction, it perfectly transmits the sensations that could be perceived at the time. Inside we discovered a small bat, which reminded us of the continuous interaction of nature every day with the protagonists of our history.


The stages from Aravell to Andorra are some of the most beautiful, and we took photos of the green landscapes and the mountain ranges. You always had to be attentive, from the descent to the River of Civís, until the arrival in Sant Julià de Lòria, and not stop looking well where to step, as there were some stones that were moving. Needless to say, the care in the Cabra Morta gully, especially for those who suffer from dizziness; we had no problems, but we are from Codec ...

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Arrival in Pallerols
 - Arrival in Pallerols
First contact with Pallerols
 - First contact with Pallerols
Attending Ramon's explanations
 - Attending Ramon's explanations
In the Saint Raphael Cabin
 - In the Saint Raphael Cabin
Towards the Corb's House
 - Towards the Corb's House

On the Col de Mur
 - On the Col de Mur
We have to go up there
 - We have to go up there
Going up to Fenollet
 - Going up to Fenollet
We are in Fenollet
 - We are in Fenollet
Going up to Santa Fe
 - Going up to Santa Fe

Resting in the Torre col
 - Resting in the Torre col
Going down to the river Civís
 - Going down to the river Civís
Climbing the Cabra Morta gully
 - Climbing the Cabra Morta gully
We are in Andorran land
 - We are in Andorran land
In the oratory of Canòlich, on the way to Sant Julià de Lòria
 - In the oratory of Canòlich, on the way to Sant Julià de Lòria
The Mass in the Saint Raphael cabin
 - The Mass in the Saint Raphael cabin
The Mass in the Ribalera
 - The Mass in the Ribalera
Mass on arrival in Andorran land
 - Mass on arrival in Andorran land

Some of the sections were in worse condition, either due to lack of time to maintain the route due to the Covid issue, or due to the strong storms that have raged in recent days and knocked down several trees. But always, thanks to the advice of our valued volunteer guide, Octavio Rico, we better decide which stages to carry out, starting and ending points, meeting places for refreshments, suitable detours to take ... And that is one of the most important advantages of this expedition: that you have great people from day one, who help you position yourself and organize everything in the best possible way.


So, thank you very much Ramon and Octavio for attending us "on site". Thank you Jordi and the entire Association for wanting to keep such a valuable experiential memory of the "Paso de los Pirineos". Thank you for offering us such cozy and well-equipped facilities: we have had a home that is hard to forget, and even more so with the Treasure that it keeps well kept in its charming Romanesque church: the Mother of God of "Roser de Pallerols".


We will be back for sure. Thanks for everything and see you soon!



  Author Víctor | 26/12/2020
   Comment Muy bien chicos de CODEC. Valientes!
Ahora a animar a más jóvenes
  Author Pedro | 05/09/2020
   Comment Una aventura inolvidable... Muchas gracias por todo!!
  Author Nico  | 04/09/2020
   Comment El mejor plan que he visto en MUCHO tiempo. Lo mejor? La misa al aire libre!!
  Author JCGS | 04/09/2020
   Comment ¡¡Qué envidia!!., las fotos geniales, se ve que es un gran plan, tendremos que seguirles los pasos
  Author Don Manuel | 04/09/2020
   Comment Recorriendo los pasos de San Josemaría me queda más claro aún lo que significa querer ser santo ahora. San Josemaría caminó por aquellas tierras con generosidad. Cuando se camina con generosidad se encuentra la voluntad de Dios de manos de la Virgen. La rosa que "encontró" -que le dio la Virgen a San Josemaría- fue sin duda un consuelo enorme y confirmación clara de que iba por buen camino. Ojala encontremos también cada uno la rosa que Ella quiere darnos.
  Author Manu Cardona | 04/09/2020
   Comment Gracias por compartirlo. Qué envidia (de la buena) que me dais. Viva Códec!!
  Author Geraldo Morujão (Viseu –Portugal) | 04/09/2020
   Comment En hora buena, Chicos! Vale la pena!
  Author ATC | 04/09/2020
   Comment A ver cuándo estos valientes se atreven con la caminada integral que se realiza en junio
  Author Florentino | 04/09/2020
   Comment Excelente reportaje. ¡Felicidades!
  Author Iñaki | 04/09/2020
   Comment Una experiencia inolvidable. Volveremos! Muchas gracias!
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Pallerols de Rialb, Setember 2, 2020
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