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From Slovakia to Pallerols      
During this summer, many people from distant countries have visited Pallerols    

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In Coll de Mur, on the Ribalera way      

From September 9 to 11, a group of 9 university students from Slovakia was in Pallerols, guided by Fr. Santiago Fuertes, a priest of Opus Dei who has been in Bratislava for many years.

They arrived in Pallerols on the 9th in the afternoon. After settling in the refuge, they visited the church and the rectory of Pallerolls and were able to watch the documentary of the Passage of the Pyrenees.

During the visit to the church they saw the place where St. Josemaría found the rose of Pallerols that was for him a sign that continuing his journey to Andorra was doing the will of God, when he was full of concern about whether or not he was doing what God wanted from him.

Next to this place is an image of the Virgin of Roser. Some of the attendees were shocked to know the answer given by Mons. Javier Echevarría, former prelate of Opus Dei, when a boy asked him: What should we ask the virgin of Roser de Pallerols? and Mons. Echevarría answered quickly: the personal path, which we could translate by: what is God's will for me?

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The arrival in Pallerols
 - The arrival in Pallerols
Peramola Road
 - Peramola Road
Entering in Peramola
 - Entering in Peramola
Way of the Corb
 - Way of the Corb
The House of Corb
 - The House of Corb
Leaving the Corb
 - Leaving the Corb
Way of the Ribalera
 - Way of the Ribalera

In the Pallerols church
 - In the Pallerols church

In the refuge of Pallerols
 - In the refuge of Pallerols


The next day, after the meditation and celebration of Holy Mass in the church of Pallerols, they made the trip to the Ribalera, the place where St. Josemaría celebrated the last mass before arriving in Andorra: 6 hours long way, with that the boys could relive one of those difficult days of the year 1937.

Saint Josemaría experienced in these places the continuous help of God and Saint Mary who led him safely to a land where he could freely exercise his priestly ministry.

An analogous experience has been lived by these young Slovaks, which has meant for them to reaffirm in the certainty that God and his mother Saint Mary always come to our aid in the difficult moments of our life.


  Author Tino | 15/10/2019
   Comment Maravilloso ver estos pequeños grupos de chicos jóvenes de Europa recorriendo el camino de San Josemaría
  Author José María López Callao | 07/10/2019
   Comment queda demostrado que el camino del Opus Dei es camino de santidad para los que estamos en medio del mundo y por lo tanto lleva al Cielo. Domingo 6 de octubre de 2019, diecisiete años de la demostración sin lugar a dudas. SAN JOSEMASRIA
  Author Florentí | 05/10/2019
   Comment Quina força les petjades d'un sant!
Demà farà 17 anys que el Papa Joan Pau II el va declarar Sant.
I molt bones les fotografies!
  Author Geraldo Morujão (Viseu –Portugal) | 05/10/2019
   Comment Congratulation!
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Pallerols de Rialb, September 19, 2019
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