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From Ireland to Pallerols and Andorra  Caminades - Ruta 1Caminades - Ruta 2Caminades - Ruta 4Caminades - Ruta 6    

An exciting adventure for the whole family. No matter the age or physical condition. We adapt to your needs


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In the San Rafael Cabin      

This is an account of a group of Irish teenage schoolboys, and their leaders, who came to Pallerols on Wednesday 26th June and stayed for four days.  

We trekked over three stages of the Camino de Andorra, following the blue and yellow markers to cover the same route that Saint Josemaría and his companions took in November and December 1937. In this we were greatly helped by Ramon Camats who gave us detailed explanations of various sites, such as the Peramola bridge, the Rectory and Church in Pallerols and the stables area in Peramola. We were also greatly helped in planning the trip by Jordi Piferrer's guide book Camí D'Andorra which is written in three languages

For the mountain stage, we were very grateful for the guidance received from Octavio Rico who expertly picked out the parts of the route that were covered with shade from the trees, as the local weather was very hot at that time. On the first day we hiked up to Casa del Corb and were impressed at the way the cave is set up. The views were spectacular from outside the Casa. We then hiked around Roca del Corb and descended the valley that leads to Casa Juncas and from there to the bridge at Panta d'Oliana.  After a very nice swim we returned to the facility in Pallerols where we cooked up a good dinner in the well appointed kitchen and dining room that is available for groups in Pallerols. We were all able to sleep there in the area for young people and the separate rooms for leaders.

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At the Pallerols refuge
 - At the Pallerols refuge
On the mountain of Corb
 - On the mountain of Corb

Bathing in the Oliana reservoir
 - Bathing in the Oliana reservoir
In the oratory of Canòlich
 - In the oratory of Canòlich
Going down towards Sant Julià de Lòria
 - Going down towards Sant Julià de Lòria
In front of the church of Sant Julià de Lòria
 - In front of the church of Sant Julià de Lòria

In front of the Cultural Center of Sant Julià de Lòria
 - In front of the Cultural Center of Sant Julià de Lòria

The next day, Friday 28th we rose very early and joined a group from Valencia and Malaga at Aravell for a joint hike up to Collado de la Torre and from there we descended to the River Civis crossing point, where the access point to the Cabra Morta Ravine. It was not our intention to scale the ravine this time but we did admire it from the vantage point of the road.  The Valencia and Malaga group were camping out overnight on the mountain, something we might try to do the next time! The descent through the woods was delightful and everyone was exhilarated at completing this hike. We returned to Pallerols and had Mass in the evening followed by a nice dinner.

On Saturday 29th we went to the Grotto of our Lady of Canólich, Patron of Saint Juliá de Lória. This marks the point where, in 1937, St Josemariá and his companions prayed the Salve Regina in thanksgiving for having arrived in Andorra. They are depicted in the painting behind the statue in the grotto. We began a walk there which lead ups down into Sant Julià de Lòria covering the final stage of the 1937 expedition.  We arrived in good time to attend that Mass in honour of St Josemaría which was taking place that day in the Church where a sculpture of St Josemaría commemorates his visit to the Blessed Sacrament in that Church on 2nd December 1937. It had been the first un-desecrated tabernacle he could visit since the previous July 1936 when the Spanish Civil War broke out.

Our priest, Fr Donncha, was one of the concelabrants of the Mass and we were touched by the warm welcome of the Parish Priest. Indeed we were overwhelmed to be invited to the meal held after the Mass and to be asked to perform and Irish song for the guests. It was an experience we will never forget. That evening when we returned to Pallerols we decided to do a "bonus" hike up to see the cabana de San Rafael and were delighted at the hike up. We had a good get together at the sire which has a nice area to sit down. It was a most memorable day.

Our group consisted of Dr Ezequiel Mercau, Santiago Pampillon, Dr Pat Gill, Fr Donncha Ó hAodha and Ruairi McGinn as leaders. Then we had Conor Treacy, Daniel Geoghegan, Kenneth McDermott, Miguel Gonzalez Arevalo, Seánie O hAodha (who made a speech and presentation to Ramon Camats at the meal), Seán Keane, Ciarán Black and Ruben Fernandez Gonzalez.

We hope to come back to do more of the Camino de Andorra in the future.


  Author Senan Carroll 12/09/2019 | 12/09/2019
   Comment Most impressed by a wonderful group in a very special environment which must have been thoroughly uplifting for all.
  Author Conor | 17/08/2019
   Comment El viaje a España y Andorra fue increíble! El paisaje era encantador desde la cima de cada montaña. Mi caminata favorita fue la subida al Collado de la Torre porque pude hacer nuevos amigos con los españoles de Valencia y Málaga y porque había algunas fuentes de agua en el camino. Tuvimos la suerte de obtener permiso para permanecer en Pallerols ya que la casa era muy cómoda y era muy fácil de cocinar y lo suficientemente espaciosa para que todo el grupo comiera cómodamente. La misa después de la última caminata fue muy interesante porque estaba en un idioma diferente y porque la iglesia era hermosa. ¡Después de la misa nos invitaron a una deliciosa comida de tres platos, nos trataron como a la realeza! Tengo mucha suerte de haber emprendido el viaje y espero volver a España, los Pirineos y Andorra nuevamente. También estoy profundamente agradecido con todos los organizadores por hacer posible este viaje.
  Author Daniel | 17/08/2019
   Comment Realmente me encantó quedarme en Pallerols ya que siempre era agradable y fresco en la casa cuando regresábamos de una caminata, las duchas también eran geniales. Andorra era 'estupendo' porque es realmente genial caminar por la montaña y ver la ciudad en el valle debajo de nosotros. La misa también fue muy interesante en Pallerols porque San Josemaría se quedó allí por un tiempo al escapar de la Guerra Civil española.
  Author Seánie | | 17/08/2019
   Comment Comentario He reflexionado sobre nuestro maravilloso viaje a España y Andorra muchas veces este verano. Cada vez que aparece una sonrisa contagiosa y me siento muy agradecido; tantas bendiciones, amistades, experiencias, caminatas, paisajes impresionantes y todo tan alegre. Jugar el partido de fútbol y visitar el Camp Nou fue muy emocionante para mí. La amabilidad y la hospitalidad que nos brindaron en Andorra fue humillante. Nos hicieron sentir muy especiales e incluidos. Lo más destacado para mí fue Torreciudad. Recé en particular por una intención especial y sentí una gran esperanza y paz allí. Aprecio la oportunidad que me dieron y practicar mi español entre todos mis amigos, nuevos y viejos, fue fantástico. Gracias a los organizadores. Todos ustedes son realmente muy divertidos. Beannachtaí.
  Author Kennet (Traducción al castellano) | 17/08/2019
   Comment Nuestro viaje a España fue una experiencia única en la vida. Realmente disfruté del estadio Nou Camp y de vencer a los españoles en nuestro partido de fútbol. Me encantaron las naranjas para combinar con mi cabello. Las piscinas eran refrescantes y muy divertidas.
Fue una gran experiencia ser un recaudador de dinero en la misa en Andorra después del último día de nuestra caminata. Las iglesias que visitamos eran impresionantes.
La caminata fue dura pero las vistas hicieron que valiera la pena. Me sorprendió que no me quemara en el calor sofocante.
Fue increíble seguir los pasos de San Josemaría sabiendo que había caminado en la misma área en invierno, huyendo de la guerra civil española.
Nos sentimos como en casa con los españoles que fueron tan amables con nosotros. Finalmente, me gustaría agradecer a nuestros mentores que se organizaron y nos vigilaron durante la duración del viaje.
Fue una experiencia que nunca olvidaré.
  Author Kenneth | 04/08/2019
   Comment Our trip to Spain was a once in a lifetime experience. I really enjoyed Nou Camp stadium and beating the Spanish in our football match. I loved the oranges to match with my hair. The pools were refreshing and lots of fun.
It was a great experience to be a money collector at the mass in Andorra after the last day of our hike. The churches we visited were stunning.
The hiking was tough but the views made it all worthwhile. I was surprised I didn't get burnt in the sweltering heat.
It was amazing to follow in St. Josemaria's footsteps knowing he'd hiked in the same area in winter, fleeing the Spanish civil war.
We felt at home around the Spanish who were so kind to us. Finally, I would like to thank our mentors who organised and kept an eye on us for the duration of the trip.
It was an experience I will never forget.
  Author Seánie | 03/08/2019
   Comment I have reflected on our wonderful trip to Spain and Andorra many times this Summer. Each time an infectious smile appears and I feel so grateful; so many blessings, friendships, experiences, hikes, breathtaking scenery and all so joyful. Playing the soccer match and visiting Camp Nou was very exciting for me.⚽️⚽️ The kindness and hospitality extended to us in Andorra was humbling. We were made to feel so special and included. The highlight for me was Torreciudad. I prayed in particular for a special intention and I felt great hope and peace there. I appreciate the opportunity I was given and practising my Spanish amongst all my friends, new and old was fantastic. Thanks to the Organisers. You are all genuinely good fun to be around. Beannachtaí.
  Author Daniel | 26/07/2019
   Comment I really loved staying in Pallerols as it was always nice and cool in the house when we arrived back from a hike , the showers were great as well. Andorra was 'estupendo' because it's really cool walking down the mountain and seeing the town in the valley beneath us. The mass was also very interesting in Pallerols because St. Josemaria stayed there for a while when escaping the Spanish Civil War.
  Author Conor | 16/07/2019
   Comment The trip to Spain and Andorra was amazing! The scenery was lovely from the top of each mountain. My favourite hike was the hike up Collado de la Torre because I got to make new friends with the Spanish guys from Valencia and Malaga and because there was a few water fountains on the way down. We were blessed to get permission to stay in Pallerols as the house was very comfortable and it was very easy to cook and spacious enough for the whole group to eat comfortably. The mass after the last hike was very interesting because it was in a different language and because the church was beautiful. After the mass we were invited to a delicious three course meal, we were treated like royalty! I am very lucky to have gone on the trip and I hope to return to Spain, the Pyrenees and Andorra again. I also am deeply grateful to all the organizers for making this trip possible.
  Author Ken Gordon | 16/07/2019
   Comment Wonderful event. Wonderful people
  Author Jordi | 15/07/2019
   Comment Molt bé, Lara.
Avisa abans de venir que t'atendrem com et mereixes.
  Author Lara Sangrà  | 15/07/2019
   Comment Veig que hi ha bastant moviment per Pallerols. Molt be. Aviam si d,aquest estiu no passa que ving a fer una visita. Estaré bastant aprop 🙂
  Author Tino | 14/07/2019
   Comment Es impresionante ver a esta colla de adolescentes y sus monitores haciendo el Camí d'Andorra.
Eso si que es una nueva generación y gente simpática
Fantástico reportaje. Felicidades
  Author D. Joan Portavella | 14/07/2019
   Comment Hope and pray that many more go to the Cami d’Andorra,
  Author Florentí | 14/07/2019
   Comment Els vaig conèixer i realment eren espectaculars Son el futur!
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