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The Routes
One of the principal aims of the Association is to identify and re-establish the Road to Andorra from Oliana to Andorra as it was traveled in the autumn of 1937. Below you can find links for all the sections that composed the Road.
The Road can be viewed either in its entirety: The Whole Route (CT) or in its sections: (1-6).
Tota la Ruta The Whole Route
Caminada Ruta 1 Oliana - Pallerols
Caminada Ruta 2 Pallerols - Santpou
Caminada Ruta 3 Santpou - Fenollet
Caminada Ruta 4 Fenollet - Baridà
Caminada Ruta 5 Baridà - Cal Roger
Caminada Ruta 6 Cal Roger - Mas d'Alins

Google Earth
Download the whole route in Wikiloc


Google Earth
Download the whole route in Google Earth


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Perfil de la RutaRuta 1 Oliana - PallerolsRuta 2  Pallerols - Sant PouRuta 3  Sant Pou - FenolletRuta 4  Fenollet - BaridàRuta 5  Baridà - Cal RogerRuta 6  Cal Roger - Mas d¡Alins

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