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Our Purpose    


We aim to retrace and establish the routes and places through which many people have journeyed since time out of memory. Once retraced, we want as many people as possible to be able to walk through them and discover the variety and beauty of these routes. We believe that as we walk, we learn to love our earth more and learn about customs and traditions, our culture and our history. In this way we collaborate in the revitalization of the area through which we pass.

Within these general goals, we set out some more specific objectives, as follows:

  1. To recover the entire route travelled by the expedition of Saint Josemaría Escrivá leaving from Oliana on November 19th, 1937 coming from Barcelona, and arriving to Andorra on December 2nd, 1937.

  2. To reconstruct various buildings that we have found along the route and that will eventually be used as refuge for the travellers.

  3. To foment the knowledge of history, geography, culture, the celebrations, traditions and customs of the regions of the Barony of Rialb and the Alt Urgell by working closely alongside the people and institutions of this area of Catalonia and furthering its revitalization.

  4. To create a Research centre of History of the Alt Urgell and to encourage the study of expeditions that passed through this area.

  5. Keep active the Rectory attached to the Church of Pallerols - turning it into an information and welcome centre.

Being ever-mindful that Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer crossed these paths we also want to present the facts of what occurred during those days, from November 19th to December 10th of 1937, when he completed the passage from Oliana to Andorra, during a very difficult moment of his life. For this reason, we will have an entire section devoted to him and his journey.

Associació d'Amics del Camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra.   Av. Diagonal, 620, 1er. 2a, 08021 - Barcelona (Spain) . Tel.: (+34) 629 910 612