Many families are encouraged to climb to Pallerols

A brief chronicle of one of the attendees,

To celebrate the new year 2020, the whole family wanted to spend it in Pallerols!

The adventurous family consisted of three generations: two grandparents and their three children: the eldest (Ph. Rubén), Sergi with his wife Ana Belén and three children, and Anna with her husband Eloi and ten children.

A different way to celebrate the New Year: on the night of the 31st, we had Mass at the church of Pallerols and then prepared for the New Year’s Eve, decorating the rectory dining room.

Then we enjoyed some performances of Christmas poems by the little artists, at 12:00 we celebrated the New Year’s entrance and then watched the movie “The Incredible Family”.

The next day we went to the Sant Rafel cabin and in the afternoon Ramon told us the story of the way of Saint Josemaría.

The whole plan was an incredible adventure!