We will return

A group of boys from Club D’Aran -Sant Cugat del Vallès- have spent three unforgettable days in Pallerols, doing some stages of the path that Saint Josemaría traveled in 1937.

On August 23, in the afternoon, we settled in the Pallerols refuge. The nine members of the group were able to listen to Ramon Camats’ explanations about the history of the little church and its relationship with Saint Josemaría. Very interesting and clarifying.

On the 24th we made a first excursion: from the house of Torrent to the Ribalera, passing through the Casa del Corb. Upon reaching the ravine, just as Saint Josemaría did, Mosén Pablo celebrated Mass. It was a shocking and solemn moment. Thanks to the coordination and collaboration of Octavio Rico -our expedition leader-, we finished the excursion by going down to the Oliana reservoir, which is an hour away. It was a hot day for which we especially appreciated this bath.

On the 25th we started the walk in Les Masies de Nargó. When we reached the Santa Fe pass, very suffocated by the heat of the climb, we took the opportunity to eat and rest a bit. The views are breathtaking. The descent to the Cabó river, at the foot of the Sierra de Ares, was fast for some … but others made the wrong way and had to do more kilometers. It was not difficult to find the way. From there we went to the Bordonera fountain to quench our thirst and heat. Highly recommended to go to these sources if you do this section! In the afternoon we attended Mass in the church of Pallerols.

The last day we took the opportunity to go to the Cabaña de San Rafael, where Mosén Pablo also celebrated Mass, after reading some fragments of the expeditionary diaries of 1937. Afterwards we approached Argolell to make the last stretch of the route until we reached Sant Julià de Lòria. A marvel: vegetation, views … Near the Mas d’Alins we found a score of vultures that were circling a recently dead sheep, according to the owner told us. A spectacle of nature!

They have been some very special days, with great serenity, full of history, nature, geography, also adventure and deepening in the person and teachings of Saint Josemaría.

From Club D’Arán, we will return! No doubt! We are very happy with this adventure! Thanks to the Association of friends of the road from Pallerols de Rialb to Andorra!