Be brave to follow in his footsteps

All to everything

Nothing could stop us from returning to Pallerols this year.

This time we were eleven university students from Alumni College, from Pamplona, who decided to follow and relive the much desired passage of the Pyrenees.

Again we went to Jordi, who planned us each day.

As soon as we had the action plan, we began to study the stages, we saw the last documentary that the Camí de Pallerols Association offered on the website and we were filled with illusions and desire for those days to come.

The afternoon arrived when we met in Pallerols. There Ramón received us, a living stone, someone without whom we would not have been able to enter that field of action every day, which was always at the beginning and at the point of extraction so desired.

The “Pallerols effect” that Ramón spoke to us disturbed our curiosity, we gradually understood it as the days went by.

Jordi followed in our footsteps and our response was always addressed with that “all to everything”.

For “those steps”, for “those newspapers”, for “those signs”, we want to share our experience that you can see in the comments we make to this news.