Dare to make the trip from Pallerols to Andorra

One of the participants writes:

We started our journey on Tuesday, June 18th at 9:30 from Andel School, in Madrid. Our feelings were confusing: on the one hand the uncertainty of arriving at an unknown site, without knowing how difficult the mountain stages would be to undertake; on the other hand, a great illusion of being able to know in situ the history of the journey traveled by Saint Josemaría during the passage from Madrid to Andorra, in the middle of the Spanish civil war, due to the religious persecution of the time.

In Ponts, Ramón was waiting for us, and guided us during the whole expedition We owe him our success in these 3 days of expedition through the Pyrenees.

After visiting Oliana and Peramola, and knowing the relationship between these towns and the San Josemaría expedition, we arrived at Pallerols and headed directly to the Rectory, where the 1937 expedition also took refuge.

The following two days (Wednesday and Thursday), we spend them walking along the same path that Saint Josemaría did, passing through all the sites that the historical writings mentioned: Casa del Corb, Barranc de la Cabra Morta, La Ribalera, Mas d’Alins, Sant Julià de Lòria…

The stages were hard but the landscape sight was spectacular. Continually we thought about how hard must the expedition have been for Saint Josemaría and those who accompanied him, taking into account the poor conditions they had.

It was very enriching to be together, and to share the experience with all the Group. Being able to collaborate to make meals, collect and clean the house, …

A great end to the 18-19 course of 4th ESO.