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Jordi Piferrer

Through this Blog, all walkers can share their experiences and voice their opinions and suggestions on issues relating to the Road to Andorra

Coordinate the Blog: Jordi Piferrer *

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February, 22nd 2011
Become Friends of Pallerols   

           As you may have seen, a few days ago we added a new section to the website: Become a Friend of the Road to Andorra.
            At present the news articles for this website arrive directly to about 2,000 people, who in turn send the information to many of their friends around the world. By the end of May we would like to reach 5,000 people.  
            We need many people to become a Friend of Pallerols. In this way, we will gain more importance in society, and it will be more likely that we will receive subsidies to fix the Road, rebuild shelters, and better communicate the values that are closely linked to the Road: the promotion of freedom, coexistence and forgiveness through the publication of books and the Conferences of Freedom Roads through the Pyrenees, which we organize frequently.  
            Therefore we ask you to go to the Become a friend section of this website and fill out the form you'll find there with your personal data to let us know that you want to receive the news articles of this site. There is no economical expense to you, and it will support our activities morally, which is something very important for us. You can also invite many others to become friends of Pallerols. 

            If you also want to contribute financially to the development of our activities, go to the section Join Us! and fill in the information asked there. 

            Another way to help financially is visiting our section Reconstruction of the Rectory of Pallerols and participating in its reconstruction. 

            Make the Road to Andorra yours. Participate!

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