Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
From Madrid to Pallerols
From the river of Valldarques to Fenollet

One of the expeditionaries from Madrid tells us about the adventure of the three days spent in the Pass of the Pyrenees.

From 1 to 3 May, a group of families from Madrid, from different schools (Los Olmos, Tablas-Valverde and Tajamar), and some friends of the Cine Fòrum group, have enjoyed reviving a part of the history of the Pas of the Pyrenees that St. Josemaría Escrivá did in 1937. All thanks to the work and advice of the Association of Friends of the "Camí de Pallerols de Rialb to Andorra".

At the end, on May 3, we invade this indescribable sensation of euphoria, joy, satisfaction, emotion, ... that becomes part of the memory of these three days of existence that began in the Pilar of Zaragoza, afterwards the visit to Pallerols with explanations of the history lived there many years ago, and the walk of one of the stages of the road, from Les Masies de Nargó to Fenollet. To finish this plan, on the last day we visited Torreciudad and back to Madrid.

In total we were 40 people, of very different ages: from the two years old to the twenty, thirty, forty, and more.

The historical facts of the Rectory of Pallerols are exciting. Ramon, with his explanations and details, put us in context and made us revive the story of the Rose of Rialb, of November 22, 1937.

On the second day, after a meditation and celebration of the Holy Mass at the church of Pallerols, we crossed a section of the road that begins at the Codó bridge, on the river of Valldarques, very near to Coll de Nargó. The mood at this point is at the limit and you can see it in any of the photos, the climb begins soon through a track that causes us to heat engines and eliminate calories, but the emotion is still high. We all enjoyed the path to the hermitage of Sant Jaume, then the trail and rain that begins at halfway. Do not lose your mind, although we have already begun to live the cruelness of the stage that in three hours leads us to Fenollet, with a splendid stage finish in the country house: what a good meal! In the afternoon a great storm falls and we rest in Fenollet until we can return to the hostels in the area where we have been distributed, since we do not fit all in one.

At night we still expect a small night out from Pallerols to the Cabin of San Rafael. There is no possibility of loss thanks to the fluorescence of the road. Another emotion that we added to this getaway.

We are all very excited to return next year for the same dates, to make the last stretch of the way to reach Andorra.

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