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November, 10, 2018
From China to Pallerols: A Unique Love Story
Celebrating the universal nature of love at Pallerols

Novembre 6, 2018
   Caminadas - La Totalitat de la Ruta
From Vigo to Pallerols and Andorra

3.000 Km round trip from Vigo to Pallerols and Andorra

novembre 1, 2018
   Caminadas - Ruta 1Caminadas - Ruta 3Caminadas - Ruta 6
From Slovenia to Pallerols and Andorra

Slovenian seminarians and students in Pallerols

Octobre 25, 2018
   Caminadas - Ruta 1Caminadas - Ruta 6
From Valencia to Pallerols and Andorra

A chronicle of Irene Beltran

   Caminadas - Ruta 6
From Madrid to Andorra
A group of families from the Tajamar school, in the neighborhood of Vallecas, in Madrid

October 13, 2018
   Caminadas - Ruta 6Members
Conxa Gregori has died

A friend of the Andorra Trail left us

Setember 15, 2018
   Caminadas - La Totalitat de la Ruta
From Lisbon (Portugal) to Pallerols

18 boys from Club Xénon, in Lisbon, visit different places in the Pass of Pyrenees

Setembre 10, 2018
   Caminadas - Ruta 1Caminadas - Ruta 2
Seminarists from Slovakia in Pallerols
Pallerols is universal

Setembre 5, 2018


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